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The Body at Work's client list includes government agencies, law firms, architecture & design firms, and non-profit organizations:

-- what participants are saying --

"Your workshops really made a difference for me. Now that I'm using these techniques, my arms don't bother me any more."
Tracy Parent, Administrative Manager
Bay Area School Reform Coalition

"Great team. You know your stuff! What a great way to learn self-help for office workers. For a stressed-out worker like me, these exercises are invaluable. They really help you get used to moving your body and becoming aware of where you hold tension in your body, and they help you learn how to release it. You really got people tuned into what is going on in their bodies. Very helpful. The activities were terrific. To feel what is going on while you are sitting at your desk is so important. Everyone should take this!"
Susan Griffin, Administrative Manager
Women's Initiative for Self Employment

"I learned a lot about eyes. Thank you. Good emphasis on individual choices - evaluating for yourself what is good for you. Not one fix-all for every body."
Emily Fox, Temporary Employee (data entry)

"Your Unfolding the Sitting Body seminar was a chance to learn about waking your body up from a day of sitting. Very energizing and inspirational to change things that aren't good for you in your workday. There was so much variety - I will be able to choose exercises that seem especially helpful to me. Very relevant and helpful."
Kirsten Fedderke, Assistant Merchandiser
Travelsmith Outfitters

"A good overview of eyestrain and exercises on how to lessen or eliminate various forms of eye problems. Informative and entertaining. Very encouraging."
Marcus Cotton, Network Operations Technician

"Very thorough, good information — easy to incorporate."
Susanna Douthit, Administrative Manager
Promotion House, A Division of Initiative Media

"I just wanted to say thanks again for leading the workshop last night. I came into work this morning and moved everything around, and even discovered that the seat pan of my chair slides back and forth, so I was able to adjust the depth to fit me perfectly! I love feeling like I am 'driving' my chair."
Bianca Moe, Attorney

"A fun and practical stretching at the workplace seminar. I'll go back to the office with exercises and tips that I can put to use right away. This was tailored so perfectly to today's workplace needs. Excellent!"
Catherine King, Content Manager

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